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Welcome to the home of BIC 4 Colour World Champenships

This is the ultimate pen-based sporting event. If you can hold a pen you can hold the title of World Champen. #BICchampenships

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An introduction to the BIC 4 Colour World Champenships Broadcast.*no pens were harmed in the making of this film.

Learn more about the Champenship events video


Home hype video

Fame and prizes await.

At the BIC 4 Colour Champenships the title of World Champen isn’t all you get to take home.

Gold, Silver or Bronze(ish) pens are amongst some of the great prizes you can win.

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The Games

Discover how to play all the games in the BIC 4 Colour World Champenships below. You can learn the rules, download the game boards and find out who the current World Champens are. Be sure to send in your own videos to become the next World Champen.


Top Champens

Find out who is the best of the best in each Champenships Event. Can’t see your name? Then keep training and keep on submitting your videos and you too could be a Top Champen. New winners are announced every week. Check back every Wednesday to find out who the next Top Champens are.

How to Enter

  • Step 1

    Film your attempt

  • Step 2

    upload VIDEO to our facebook page

  • Step 3

    winners are selected through judging

Make sure you film each attempt at an event and submit it to our Facebook page for judging.
Simply go to BIC 4 Colours AUNZ Facebook page and click ‘Upload a video’.
We’ll judge your video as quickly as possible and notify you if you become a World Champen.

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